Java Business Integration (JBI) 

JSR 208 (Java Business Integration) is a harmless and quite useful specification which was approved recently. Guess, who abstained from voting: IBM and BEA. JBI standard threatens to commoditize the integration space (at least in the Java world) which is great for all the integration-consumers, but obviously isn't for the vendors. There are already many open-source projects that are in the works, including the currently popular ServiceMix. I think JBI will be widely adopted over time, with or without IBM and BEA.

Aspect Oriented Programming 

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) may one day become as popular as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). It is too early to say, but all the signs are here. JBoss is certainly betting on AOP, and AspectJ is gaining mindshare of the early adapters.

I programmed in CLOS (Common Lisp Object System) for a number of years, which supports multiple inheritance, method combinations, mixins, meta-object protocol (MOP), and dynamic class evolution, among others. Most of what AOP promises have been readily available in CLOS for more than a decade, and I have used some of them successfully. This article describes how CLOS supports all that AOP has to offer. In comparison, Java is a over-simplified object-oriented language, but I believe that is the primary reason for its success. CLOS, as a language, never took off in the mainstream industry, and all its elegant ideas never became widely popular.

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